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 FNT Night uses a combination of innovative and classic scalp, has undergone TDS10 years of testing, and has a year of real signals

settings and easy installation.

FNT Night works only on the M5 Timeframe.

on 1 EURUSD M5 chart and it will run all 12 pairs. 

  • Lots – fix lot size. Used if the Risk %= 0;
  • Risk % – % of deposit under risk at a single order/trade;
  • Trade Monday – open trades at Monday;
  • Trade Tuesday – open trades at Tuesday;
  • Trade Wednesday – open trades at Wednesday
  • Trade Thursday – open trades at Thursday
  • Trade Friday– open trades at Friday
  • Trade Sunday– open trades at Sunday
  • Comm – comment to a order/trade

Recommended Brokers: ICmarkets

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