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Several assets in several markets have the behavior of using specific numbers as Force Numbers, where support, resistance and price thrust is
created. Let this indicator draw those levels of support and resistance for you. You can also stack it to show different level of Prices! This
technique is being used by Tape Readers and Order Flow traders all over the world for a long time. Give it a try. Challenge yourself to study new
ways of Price Action!

  • What Price reference to use in the calculation: LAST price or BID/ASK price. In case of Forex Brokers that do not provide the
    LAST price, you can use the BID/ASK price to scan and draw the Support/Resistance lines.
  • Number to Follow – Do you want to follow round numbers ending in “0”, or “00”?  Do you want do follow mid-range prices
    where possibly the thrust will begin like the “5” or “7”? Just set it and forget it!
  • Which Part of the number do you want to monitor?  The INTEGER part or the DECIMAL one? This way you
    can use this indicator worldwide, in any kind of price scale.
  • Prefix name for the Lines – This way you can have an Expert Advisor that follows those lines and take action over them.
  • How many Lines do you want printed on your chart.
  • Line Styles: Color, style and width.
  • Time to refresh/redraw the lines, grabbing new levels if needed, according to the current market Price. This way, if you are running a MT5
    platform continuously with an EA, you don’t have to reset the indicator in the search for new Lines/Price leves.

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