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This EA aims to take care of your operations while you cannot.

There are two modes:

With humans: You just need to leave the magic number as 0 and then the robot will track your operations.

With another EA: Just copy the magic number of the other EA and paste it in the Babysitter, the Babysitter will be accompanying the other EA.

Current features:

– Percentage of profit: once it reaches the target, EA will close all orders.

– Distance: program how many pips of distance you want the Babysitter to open another operation

– Exponential lot: Increment the lot with each new order.

future updates: – percentage of losses: closing orders when reaching loss. – Not operating when reaching the target (profit or loss)

Please, before using in the real account, make tests in the demo account, despite being a simple EA, badly configured it can bring risks to your capital.

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