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All in One Forex Dashboard is a multitimeframe and multicurrency screener with external data inupt.
You can filter your signal by multiple information to find trend or potential inversion on 28 currency cross.
The first group of indicator is a Trend indicator. It’s based on average price and allow you to konw if you are in trend or
not in all major timeframes.
Single timeframe is colored according to the information founded, while it remains gray when the price is in an accumulation or distribution
The second group of indicators is a Momentum indicator. It’s based on a price action. The color change if you are
above/below the open price or above/below the previous highs/lows.
The third group is a Reversal indicator. It is always off unless an extreme occurs on all timeframes.
The External data, located on the far left, is very useful filter for trader that use personal study not based on chart, like COT
report or macroeconomic data. To use this filter you must setting data from Expert properties.
Under all the groups you will find a sequence of checkboxes through which you can select which parts of the screener to use to illuminate the

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Finally, for multiday trader, located on the far right, you’ll find the swap applied by your broker for long and shot position.


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