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Forex is the most liquid market in the world.

For this reason real volumes are not available. Some indicators use the number of ticks, in other cases the broker can supply volumes informations but they will be only data about that broker.

Volumes are important becase they will form the price and volatility of the market.

Using a customized algorithm, this indicator can give you a very good approximation of the volumes for each candle.

How to read the indicators?

This version is evaluation version, so the last 4 bars are not showed.
If you like how this indicator works, consider to get the full version available here: Forex Volumes Adv

It provides you many visualization modes:

1) Show All volumes : buy, sell and total (buy sell)

2) Show All volumes with no Total volumes: buy, sell

3) Show only predominant volumes: the greater between buy or sell

4) Show difference volumes: difference between buy and sell and total volumes

5) Show difference volumes with no Total volumes: difference between buy and sell

6) Show accumulation volumes: sum of buy volumes vs sum of sell volumes

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7) Show delta volumes: difference between buy and sell

Try each and choose which is more suitable for you. For modes 6 and 7 you can apply a simple moving average of variable length.

For low timeframes( until 30 minutes) you can set High definition, for other cases set Low definition.

 You may need to  switch to a different chart timeframe(TF) and then going back to wanted TF to allow all the indicator data to load.
Anyway loading data can take a while.


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