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Forex Warrior is a new generation of grid Expert Advisor that opens both long and short positions using a carefully thought-out martingale strategy. Open positions are grouped into buckets, which are automatically closed when the target profit is reached. During trading, Forex Warrior analyzes market conditions and adjusts trading volumes and take profit levels in accordance with the direction of the main trend. Orders are added to the so-called basket by placing pending orders. All trading orders opened by Forex Warrior are assigned individual stop loss levels, which helps to control risks.

  • setName – the name of the set;
  • Flag_Stop_Buy, Flag_Stop_Sell-blocking new shopping carts for purchase (sale);
  • CloseAll_Buy, CloseAll_Sell-close all buy (sell) orders immediately;
  • CloseBE_Buy, CloseBE_Sell-close the basket to buy (sell) when the breakeven level is reached BEpips Fri;
  • BEpips-CloseBE parameter;
  • CloseBE_AutoLevel-always close buckets at zero BEpips, starting from this level;
  • LotSize – the value of the base lot;
  • AutoMM-enabling autolot;
  • AutoMMEquity – setting the autolot;
  • MaxDD – maximum allowable drawdown;
  • MaxDDPerCent – maximum allowable drawdown in % of the deposit;
  • MaxGridLevel – maximum allowed number of bucket levels;
  • CheckEquity – checking the adequacy of the deposit balance;
  • BasketStopLoss – the stop loss of the entire basket, calculated from the highest of the open orders;
  • Gape_Protect – gep protection function;
  • GridStepPips-Basic grid step;
  • TakeProfitPips – basic take profit of the grid;
  • StopLossPips-stop loss of individual orders;
  • LotMult-lot multiplier 1;
  • MinLevelLotMult2 – pyramid level, starting from which the lot multiplier LotMult2 is used;
  • LotMult2-lot multiplier 2;
  • MinLevelGridShift – pyramid level, starting from which the grid step will change;
  • GridShiftPips – grid step increment;
  • MinLevelTPShift – pyramid level, starting from which the base value of the take profit will change;
  • TPShiftPips – increase in the take profit of the grid;
  • TPTrShiftPips – increase in the take profit of the grid in the direction of the trend;
  • TPCtrShiftPips – increase of the grid’s take profit against the trend;
  • UseTrend-enables trend analysis;
  • OpenOnlyOnTrend – open a new pyramid only in the direction of the trend;
  • TrendLotMult – lot multiplier with the trend;
  • TrendTF-the timeframe on which the trend is determined;
  • TrendLevel – trend level;
  • TrendPeriod1 – the first trend period;
  • TrendPeriod2 – second period of the trend;
  • UseMultiGrid-enables MultiGrid mode;
  • MultiGridLogic switch between the two logics of the multigrid feature;
  • Magic_MG_1, Magic_MG_2, … – a set of MultiGrid mode magics;
  • GridShift – distance between grids, in 4-digit points;
  • UseTradingTime – start a new bucket on a schedule;
  • Hour_Start_Trade – start of the period;
  • Hour_Stop_Trade – the end of the period;
  • ShowBE-display the breakeven level on the chart;
  • colBEbuy – Breakeven line color for the pyramid in Buy;
  • colBEsell-Breakeven line color for the pyramid in Sell;
  • Magic – magic number;
  • Verbose-writing a report to the log;
  • Comments – comments on orders opened by the Expert Advisor;
  • comment_color – font color in the information window;
  • box_color – background color of the Expert Advisor information window;
  • InfoOnTheRight-move the information window to the right (free) field of the chart;
  • Slip – slip.
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