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With the development of information technologies and a large number of participants, financial markets are becoming less and less amenable to analysis by outdated
indicators. Conventional technical analysis tools, such as a Moving Average or Stochastic, are not able to determine the
direction of a trend or its reversal in its pure form.

Can one indicator indicate the correct direction of the future price, without changing its parameters, on the history of 14 years? At the same time, do not lose the
adequacy of the sideways movements of the market?

Answer: Yes, it can.

An indicator has been developed that has a sufficiently powerful and effective mechanism for adapting to changing market conditions.

The new leading trend indicator from the “ExcStrategy” development team uses adaptive four-level smoothing.

The unique smoothing formula allows you to adjust (identify patterns) the indicator for any features of a currency pair or other
instrument. Now, in order to have a profit, just one indicator is enough, and this is just the beginning. In combination with other
tools or as a signal filter, the benefits of FourAverage are enormous.

The indicator has a built-in function that draws arrows and displays the result of the previous trade on the indicator. This makes it
very convenient to check on the history.

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The indicator does not redraw on the formed bars. If the bar is closed, the indicator reading is unchanged.

The indicator works on any timeframe from M1 to MN.

    The FourAverageMT5 indicator is an exact copy of the indicator for the MetaTrader 4 platform:

    Detailed description of the indicator: 


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