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using candlesticks and fractals is a great, time-tested trading approach, and this product is the simplest and most versatile index.

Any characteristics of candlesticks and fractals are introduced. The significance of each pattern is adjusted from 1 to 100, and if you would like, you can set an alert for each of them. The sensitivity array is calculated mathematically. Most traders use 50. However, if you have a successful trading platform, altering the sensitivity will allow you to correctly adjust your strategy.

If accurate, the indicator appears on the chart, but if false, it does not seem:

  • Main Fractal up (General Fractal Up)
  • The main fractal down (General Fractal Down)
  • Perfect the up fractal (Fractal Perfect Up)
  • Perfect fractal down (Perfect Fractal Down)
  • Hammer (Hammer)
  • Shooting star (Shooting Star)
  • Marubozu Up (Marubozu Up)
  • Marubozu Down (Marubozu Down)
  • doji (doji)
  • A Dreidel (Spinning Top)
  • Doji-dragon (Dragonfly Doji)
  • Doji-gravestone (Gravestone Doji)
  • Inverted hammer (Inverted Hammer)
  • The Hanged Man (Hanging Man)
  • Top of the star (Star Top)
  • Star Bottom)
  • Harami from the bottom up (Harami Down To Up)
  • Harami top-down (Harami Up To Down)
  • Harami (Harami)
  • Piercing Line Up)
  • Curtain of dark clouds (Dark Cloud Cover)

In the following parameters, you can adjust the color of each indicator on the chart:

  • General Fractal Up Color
  • General Fractal Down Color
  • Perfect Fractal Up Color
  • Perfect Fractal Down Color
  • Hammer Color
  • Shooting Star Color
  • Marubozu Up Color
  • Marubozu Down Color
  • Doji Color
  • SpinningTop Color
  • DragonFly Doji Color
  • GraveStone Doji Color
  • Inverted Hammer Color
  • Hanging Man Color
  • Star Top Color
  • Star Bottom Color
  • Harami Down To Up Color
  • Harami Up To Down Color
  • Harami Color
  • PiercingLine Up Color
  • Dark Cloud Cover Color

If set to true in the following parameters, an alert will be sent to you when any indicator appears:

  • General Fractal Up Alert
  • General Fractal Down Alert
  • Perfect Fractal Up Alert
  • Perfect Fractal Down Alert
  • Hammer Alert
  • Shooting Star Alert
  • Marubozu Up Alert
  • Marubozu Down Alert
  • Doji Alert
  • Spinning Top Alert
  • Dragonfly Doji Alert
  • Gravestone Doji Alert
  • Inverted Hammer Alert
  • Hanging Man Alert
  • Star Top Alert
  • Star Bottom Alert
  • Harami Down To Up Alert
  • Harami Up To Down Alert
  • Harami Alert
  • PiercingLine Up Alert
  • Dark Cloud Cover Alert

The following parameters can be configured in the range 0-100, their default value is 50. The higher the sensitivity, the less frequent the signals are, but the more powerful they are.

  • Hammer Sensitivity
  • Shooting Star Sensitivity
  • Marubozu Up Sensitivity
  • Marubozu Down Sensitivity
  • Doji Sensitivity
  • Spinning Top Sensitivity
  • DragonFly Doji Sensitivity
  • GraveStone Doji Sensitivity
  • Inverted Hammer Sensitivity
  • Hanging Man Sensitivity
  • PiercingLine Up Sensitivity
  • Dark Cloud Cover Sensitivity

This is really the simplest and most versatile indicator of its type. Just add the indicator to the chart and set the parameters.

Visit my website, where each candle is described in detail and how to trade with it.

Also contact me by email if you think that improvements are needed to improve the performance, and I will update the indicator soon.

[email protected]

Thank you for your attention. Oliver Loney.

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05 August 2015


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