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The Fractal Prosecutor Expert Advisor is fully automated. The strategy is based on level breakdowns.

The Expert Advisor is designed to work in the GMT 3 time zone, so set up Start time and End timeif your broker’s time zone is different.

  • Lot – fixed lot for trading
  • Start time – the hour of the start of trading
  • End time – the hour of the end of trading
  • Use trailing stop – use trailing stop (true/false)
  • Trailing stop – trailing stop in pips
  • Trailing step – the trailing step in pips
  • Trailing start – start of trailing in pips
  • Use break even – use breakeven (true/false)
  • Pips on profit – profit in pips, at which breakeven is triggered
  • Pips offset from open price – the shift from the open price to the negative or positive side, for example, 10 , -10.
  • Max spread-check the spread before entering the market (1 = 1 pips, if you do not need this function, set any higher number, for example, 30)
  • Bollinger Bands indicator parameters for opening)
  • Period for open – the opening period
  • Bands shift for open-shift the bands to open
  • Deviation for open – deviation for opening
  • Bollingger Bands indicator parameters for closing)
  • Period for closing – the closing period
  • Bands shift for closing-shift of bands for closing
  • Deviation for closing – deviation for closing
  • Envelopes indicator parameters for stop loss (envelope parameters for stop loss and subsequent opening of trades)
  • MA period – the period of moving averages
  • MA shift – shift of the moving averages
  • Deviation – deviation
  • Slippage – acceptable slippage when opening trades
  • Comment – comment on transactions
  • Magic number – a unique number for each chart

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  • Low Spread Broker
  • VPS server
  • Chart period – M5


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