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Fractal Trend Direction


The indicator shows the current trend direction based on the fractal breakdown, the calculation can be carried out from different periods. Due to the multiplier of the current period, you can get fractals of a non-standard timeframe. For example, the current timeframe is M5, and the fractals for determining the trend are M20. According to the test results, the best multiplier of the controlling (senior) period should be in the range from 3 to 6, for example, we trade on M5-senior periods M5*4=M20, M20*4=M80(H1:M20), M80*4=M320 (H5:M20). Also, using a multiplier eliminates the need to constantly enter settings when switching the chart period. It is noted that after the breakdown of the fractal, the price movement in the direction of the breakdown is very often preserved, which allows us to use this fact to determine the direction of transactions.

For example, we trade on M15, and determine the movement on H1, H4 and H16. When matching the three directions from the older periods, we look for points to enter the market in the direction of the older movement. Please note: the indicator does not show possible entry points to the market, it shows the direction for making trades. The value of this indicator is not in responding to short-term market pullbacks. Its use in a complex way, from different periods, will reduce uncertainty to a minimum. Does not redraw. It can be used in Expert Advisors.

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  • MultTimeFrame – the multiplier of the current period. For example: The period of the current chart is M5, MultTimeFrame=4 (M5*4=M20).
  • Fractal – type of breakdown fractal (reaction to market pullback)
    • Extreme – the most minimal / maximal fractal
    • Default – the current fractal (default)
    • Punched-a broken fractal
  • ShowFlat – show flat
  • IndicatorLevel – display level in the window (needed if you use more than one indicator)
  • IndicatorMax – the maximum of the indicator
  • IndicatorMin – minimum of the indicator
  • Extreme – the most minimal / maximal fractal
  • Default – the current fractal (default)
  • Punched-a broken fractal


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