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Fractalicious displays fractals of any length, higher and lower lows, fractal channel, and channel burst. Fractals are an important price action pattern and trend indicator.

Fractalicious is used on any timeframe and symbol.

The default indicator settings are quite effective most of the time. You can customize them based on your needs.

  • Show last fractal – if true, the fractals from the last completed bar are displayed. (This can shift the fractal if the current bar is higher/lower.)
  • Fractal distance – the number of bars that should be located above/below the left and right of the fractal. The Bill Williams standard is 2, Fractalicious is 5 by default.
  • Show Lower/Higher Lows/Highs – if true,the absolute maximum (Higher Highs, HH), intermediate maximum (Lower Lows, LH), absolute minimum (Lower Lows, LL), and intermediate minimum (Higher Lows, HL) are displayed.
  • Show fractal channel – if true, the fractal channel is displayed.
  • Show breakout arrow-if true, the fractal channel breakout is displayed.
  • Color theme-Choose a color palette for a dark or light background.
  • Colo (u)rs-color settings.

Fractalicious does not consume significant computing resources.

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If you have any questions, please email me. Opinions and suggestions are also welcome. Only with your help can I create more and more effective tools for MetaTrader 4.


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