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that the essence of this index is the analysis and forecast of quotes using the Fourier transform. The index decomposes numerous prices into harmonics and computes their merchandise on the following pubs.

You can use the indicator for a stand – alone product, but to improve the prediction quality, another associated indicator has been generated – FreqoMaster-which calls FreqoMeterForecast as a motor and combines the results of many cases of FreqoMeterForecast for various frequency ranges.


  • iPeriod – how many bars for the elderly analysis period; the remaining 7 harmonics are calculated out of it – the total number is always divided into 8 frequencies; by default-30;
  • iStartFrom – number of the bar where the analysis starts (goes to the left in the history) and prediction (goes to the right); by default-0;
  • iWindowSize – the size of the window in which the frequency decomposition is constructed; by default-200;
  • iForecast – number of bars to predict; by default-100; this value is automatically truncated to iPeriod if it is greater than the period;
  • ShowSum-enable / disable the output of the sum of harmonics; by default-true; when this mode is enabled, the sum is displayed as a bold red line;
  • ShowTrend-enable / disable trend output; by default-true;
  • EMAPeriod – the period of averaging using the EMA; by default-5;
  • PriceType – price type; default is 0 (close);

The indicator is calculated by bars – ticks are not processed. On each bar, the entire result is recalculated.

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03 June 2014


01 December 2015

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