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The indicator displays the value of the ROC (rate of change) of the selected price or moving average in the form of a histogram. The ROC values of the moving average can be used to smooth the indicator.

  • ExtROC-rate of change
  • ExtMAROC-smoothing line

You can change the price of the indicator calculation.

  • InpMAPeriod-enter the averaging period for calculating the ROC of the moving average. To calculate certain prices, enter 1.
  • InpMAMethod – smoothing type (SMA, EMA, LWMA, SMMA).
  • InpROCPeriod – the period of the rate of change.
  • InpMAROCPlot-show the anti-aliasing line (true/false).
  • InpMAROCPeriod – the averaging period.
  • InpMAROCMethod – smoothing type (SMA, EMA, LWMA, SMMA).
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