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FX Gold MA compares the current price in a special way with the price of each bar from the entire history you specified.

Next, it assigns a weight to each resulting value: from the smaller for the old bars to the larger for the new ones.

After that, it builds a line based on the arithmetic mean.

  • the channel is recommended to be used on hourly timeframes and higher;
  • it is better to play inside the channel outside of sessions;
  • you should pay attention to the general direction of MA;
  • the channel is well used for placing and moving orders.

  • Number of Analyzed Bars – the number of bars to analyze (to calculate each value of the curve);
  • Length of the Curve – the length of the curve on the graph;
  • Show Channel – “true”- build and display the channel, “false”- the channel is turned off.

For calculations, the indicator uses only closed bars, so it does not“redraw”.

Despite the fact that the indicator code contains a cycle that runs on each bar from the history, the indicator works very quickly, since all calculations are performed only at the time of opening a new bar.

Good luck, my friends!

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