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FX Market Correlation


FX marketplace Correlation indicator calculates the weakness/strength from most of 28 money pairs in the market. This is unique and powerful method of seeing the market. It works on all timeframes. You can use it to get indices, or you can use it to get extended-term trading. FX Market Correlation indicator isn’t repainting.
-easy determine which money is strengthening and which is weakening
-choose best currency pairs to trade and times to trade them
-locate correlation between pairs
-NOT repainting
How to trade using FX Market Correlation chart:
1. find a currency that has long period of going one way (up or down)
2. when a change of trend direction occurs look if there is another currency that has opposite trend change at the same     momment – this is the best trading opportunity
3. use your own trading method to confirm a trade
Please look at the examples in the pictures below.
First time starting the indicator:
-please make sure that all 28 major pairs are listed in Market View window

[spoiler title=”

-go trough all time frames and let the data load


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