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This is Special Intelligent Recovery system for Any Multi Pairs in a one accounts by Standards Martingale for Same “MAGIC Numbers :Manual Orders =0 “, attached only one charts, Also possible only attached pair by “Single Mode”, This is only recovery EA, not trading EA. Backtest is only recovery sample. defaluts is for M5 timeframe set up. You should set Same Target EA’s Magic Numbers  to This EA Magic Numbers, if Manual Trade, you should set Magic=0.

Also we recommend for good recovery ,please your trade EA’s stoploss shoud be 0 ( no stoploss ).

Martingale Distance is controlled by Min Distance and Recovery Strength, and is protected  from strong market movements,not by  constant Distances

This EA Has a Special Three Martingale Mode.

  1) Last Two Orders Even Mode.. for decreasing total lots

       if Last two orders profits included swaps and Commissions is over Even profits(USD,EUR,JPY etc) 

            Two Orders are Closed , and new orders is Made with Smaller Orders Lots.   

  2)Loss Cut Mode .. for protecting so much loss

      if Orders is Max orders, Last Orders is Loss cut Closed,and New orders is made with last Lots. 

     In this case, real order is MaxOrder – 1

 3)Trend Revese Close Mode .. for Minum Recovery Orders and some Profits 

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 4)If you want to be recovery for Manual Trade , Magic=0.

Other Fuction

 1) Single Mode : For only attached Pairs

 2) Recovery Strength .. recovery distance Control

   if Strength is more bigger, Recovery distance is more bigger.

   Recommend   M5:11,M15:8  M30,H1 H4 D1  more small value ..please any value set check distance at backtest sample

… You can see any mode at backtest..


 Min Distance(Pips) : Min recovery Distance(Pips)

 Max Orders : Max Recovery Orders

 Multiplier: Multiply  Martingale 

Even Profits : Even Profits of Recovery Process   in account unit USD,EUR,JPY etc ( Swap,Commissions included)


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