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FX Power is the first real-time power meter with a real-time histogram.

It analyzes the dynamics and strength of all major currencies to determine high-probability trades.

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Analytical functions

  • Real-time market strength of all major currencies
  • Identical calculation results for all brokers and on all charts
  • 100% reliable real-time calculations -> no redrawing
  • Ability to select a timeframe from the drop-down list

Graphical features

  • Ability to run multiple copies on the same chart
  • Ability to drag FX Power across the visible area
  • Real-time calculation histogram
  • Suitable for high-resolution display (QHD, UHD and 4K)

Main Features

  • Automatic configuration of the terminal
  • Optimized for tablets and touch screen
  • Email alerts, in the form of messages and mobile notifications
  • Available buffers for Expert Advisor requests

Run FX Power with different timeframes to record the calculation results.

Use the FX Power buttons to display the desired currency lines.

Compare the results of short-term and long-term analyses to determine effective combinations.

  • Buy if EUR crosses USD up
  • Sell if EUR crosses USD down

B. Confirming patterns of different timeframes

  • Run two copies of FX Power, for example, for 1 hour and for 8 hours
  • Buy EURUSD if EUR is stronger/higher than USD on both periods
  • Sell EURUSD if EUR is weaker/lower than USD on both periods

B. Trading on correlations of individual currencies

  • Buy if EUR and CHF are stronger/higher than USD
  • Sell if EUR and CHF are weaker/lower than USD

Basic Settings

  • FX Power period -> select a timeframe for analysis from the drop-down list

Display and histogram

  • Hide FX Power display? -> if true, FX Power is not displayed (recommended for iCustom Expert Advisor requests)
  • Currency line colors – > adjust the colors of the FX Power histogram lines
  • Hide activity marker -> set to true to hide white rectangles in FX Power Compact display mode
  • Display warning if missing data -> set this to false to disable all warnings about data

Notification and Notification Settings

  • Enable cross alert -> true-receive notifications if two lines of currency forces intersect with each other
  • Enable strength alert -> true to obtain a notification if the currency rises above the limit value
  • Alert if currencies rise above -> limit value for force notifications
  • Enable weakness alert -> true-receive notifications if currencies fall below the limit value
  • Alert if currencies drop below -> limit value for weakness notifications
  • Rise alert active – > true-inform about the increase in the ratio (deltas) of two currencies
  • Alert if delta rises above -> limit the value for triggering an alert about an increase in the ratio
  • Drop alert active – > inform about a decrease in the ratio (deltas) of two currencies
  • Alert if delta drops below -> limit the value for triggering an alert about a decrease in the ratio

General Notification Settings

  • Display pop-up messages -> true-receive pop-up notifications
  • Send e-mails -> true-receive email notifications
  • Send mobile notifications -> true-receive mobile notifications
  • Play an alert sound -> true-receive sound notifications
  • Default alert sound -> select notification sound

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12 May 2016


28 August 2020

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Boriwan January 12, 2021 3:45 pm

Great job! Thanks! It works perfectly as a self-sufficient trading system, as well as a filter for other systems. There is a great lack of manual adjustment of the period and smoothing – then it would be priceless!) /sorry, my English is bad))/

Detleff B√∂hmer January 12, 2021 3:42 pm

Ein Indikator auf den ich nicht mehr verzichten möchte. Zusammen mit FX Trend kann man nichts falsch machen. Sehr gute Arbeit Daniel !

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