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FX Power is your first real time power meter using a real-time histogram.

It analyzes your dynamics and strength of major currencies to determine high-probability trades.

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Analytical functions

  • Real-time marketplace strength of most major currencies
  • Identical calculation results for all brokers and on all charts
  • 100% reliability of real-time calculations -> does n’t redraw
  • Ability to pick a timeframe from the drop-down list

Graphical features

  • Ability to run multiple copies on the same chart
  • Ability to drag FX Power across the visible area
  • Real-time calculation histogram
  • Suitable for high-resolution display (QHD, UHD and 4K)

Main features

  • Automatic configuration of the terminal
  • Optimized for tablets and touch screen
  • Email alerts, in the form of messages and mobile notifications
  • Available buffers for expert Advisor requests

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Run FX Power with different timeframes to record the calculation results.

Use the FX Power buttons to display the desired currency lines.

Compare the results of short-term and long-term analyses to determine effective combinations.

A. the intersection of the histograms of the currency

  • Buy if EUR crosses USD up
  • Sell if EUR crosses USD down

B. Confirming patterns of different timeframes

  • Run two copies of FX Power, for example, for 1 hour and for 8 hours
  • Buy EURUSD if EUR is stronger/higher than USD on both periods
  • Sell EURUSD if EUR is weaker/lower than USD on both periods

B. Trading on correlations of individual currencies

  • Buy if EUR and CHF are stronger/higher than USD
  • Sell if EUR and CHF are weaker/lower than USD

Basic settings

  • FX Power period -> select a timeframe for analysis from the drop-down list

Display and histogram

  • Hide FX Power display? -> if true, FX Power is not displayed (recommended for iCustom expert Advisor requests)
  • Currency line colors – > adjust the colors of the FX power histogram lines
  • Hide activity marker -> set to true to hide white rectangles in FX power compact display mode
  • Display warning if missing data -> set this to false to disable all warnings about data

Notification and notification settings

  • Enable cross alert -> true-receive notifications if two lines of currency forces intersect with each other
  • Enable strength alert -> true to obtain a notification if the currency rises above the limit value
  • Alert if currencies rise above -> limit value for force notifications
  • Enable weakness alert -> true-get notifications if currencies fall below the limit value
  • Alert if currencies drop below -> limit value for weakness notifications
  • Rise alert active – > true-inform about the increase in the ratio (deltas) of two currencies
  • Alert if delta rises above -> limit the value for triggering an alert about an increase in the ratio
  • Drop alert active – > inform about a decrease in the ratio (deltas) of two currencies
  • Alert if delta drops below -> limit the value for triggering an alert about a decrease in the ratio

General notification settings

  • Display pop-up messages -> true-receive pop-up notifications
  • Send e-mails -> true-receive email notifications
  • Send mobile notifications -> true-receive mobile notifications
  • Play an alert sound -> true-receive sound notifications
  • Default alert sound -> select notification sound


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