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FX Solution PRO MT5


FX Solution – The Expert Advisor opens deals near the previous highs when the price increases (uptrend) and near the previous lows when the price decreases (a downtrend). Use it with any trend indicator for the best indicators.


  • The Expert Advisor is easy to set up and use.
  • Automatic lot calculation is built in.
  • It can be used with any financial instrument.
  • A convenient panel for opening additional orders or closing all open orders.

General Settings:

Start lots – the volume for opening the first order.

Autolot – enable / disable automatic lot calculation.

Autolot deposit per 0.01 lots – the amount of the deposit for every 0.01 when using the autolot.

Take Profit – profit in points.

Step – the step between orders.

Multiplier-coefficient for each subsequent order after the first one.

Magic –  The magic number of the adviser.

Buy trades – enable / disable purchase orders.

Sell trades – enable / disable sell orders.

New cycle-allow opening new orders after closing the current ones.

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Slippage – the maximum slippage in points for opening/closing orders.

Spread limit – the maximum spread for opening orders.

Maximum size for order – The maximum size of the order in lots.

Maximum orders – the maximum number of orders.

Show EA panel – show / hide the panel.

Font size – the font size.


Period first – the fast variable of the oscillator.

Period second is the slow variable of the oscillator.

Period third-deceleration of the oscillator.

Method oscillator – method for calculating the oscillator.

Price osillator – the price of the used oscillator.

Up level – overbought zone.

Low level – oversold zone.


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