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FX fad displays this direction of the trend, its length, intensity and closing rating for all timeframes in real time.

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Analytical functions

  • Real-time trend analysis for all timeframes
  • Identical to the results of the calculations in all time frames
  • Set up your personal set of timeframes
  • Customizable trend calculation parameters

Graphical features

  • Switch between Compact and detailed modes, and the manner Panel in one click
  • Compact mode offers basic information about trends in a smaller panel
  • Details mode offers a detailed analysis of the underlying asset’s trends
  • Dashboard mode covers all major pairs or your favorite trading symbols
  • Access to all timeframes and symbols on the panel in just one click
  • Movable FX Trend panel (by dragging and dropping)
  • Suitable for high-resolution display (QHD, UHD and 4K)
  • Does not redraw

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Main features

  • Automatic configuration of the terminal
  • Optimized for tablets and touch screen
  • Email alerts, in the form of messages and mobile notifications
  • Available buffers for expert Advisor requests

Look for established and strong trends on higher timeframes, for example:

trending on D1 with a duration of 10 days and a high intensity of 85%, which corresponds to a rating of 5 stars.

This main trend indicates the direction of all subsequent trades on this and all lower timeframes.

Use the power of significant forces in the market and ride this trend wave until it is broken.

A. If the direction of this main trend is BUY

  • Place a Buy Stop order at the last high of this trend
  • Set the stop loss of your buy stop order to the BUY trend line
  • Use a trailing stop along the trend line

B. If the direction of this main trend is SELL

  • Place a Sell Stop order at the last low of this trend
  • Set the stop loss of your sell stop order to the SELL trend line
  • Use a trailing stop along the trend line

Basic settings

  • FX Trend periods – the Number of periods for calculating the trend on all timeframes
  • FX Trend deviation-Value for calculating the trend line / less = narrower / more = wider

Display and graphics settings

  • Use EA mode – Set to “true” to disable all the graphical objects and reducing the consumption of RAM
  • Hide FX Trend panel-Set “true” to disable the FX Trend display
  • Hide arrows and lines-Set “true” to display only the FX Trend panel without other graphical objects
  • Hide activity marker-set true to hide the white rectangle
  • Disable Favorites-set true to disable the favorites list. It is recommended to save computer resources when working with multiple charts.
  • Max Bars – the higher the value, the longer the historical data line, the lower the value, the faster the data is recalculated. Set a reasonable value that matches your computer’s performance to avoid slowing down and freezing the terminal.


  • Set up your own set of timeframes by enabling / disabling each timeframe individually

Notification and notification settings

  • FX Trend alert-Select the preferred type of trend alerts
  • Show pop-up messages-Set “true” to receive pop-up notifications
  • Send an e-mail-Set “true” to receive an e-mail notification
  • Send mobile notifications-Set “true” to receive notifications on your mobile device
  • Play an alert sound-Set “true” to receive sound notifications
  • Default alert sound-Select the file for the sound alert


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