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FXPip Master Pro MT5 Oscillator


FXPip Master Pro MT5 Oscillator Introduction:
Welcome to my professional indicator-oscillator for Meta Trader 5. In a simple introduction, I will talk about the advantages of this indicator.

    Use some algorithm and filters to achieve the best winning percentage from the correct forecast, about 85%
    The indicator is without redrawing, so the signals are reliable
    The same winning percentage in different time periods, so you can use it in the desired time period
    Good performance in various symbols, CFDs, futures, cryptocurrency market, so you can use it to analyze all markets
    Easy to understand, easy to configure, simple tool, not complicated

How this indicator shows buy and sell signals, and you can trade as follows:

    Water histograms show us a bullish movement, so it’s time to buy when you see a water histogram.
    Red histograms show us a bearish movement, so when you see a red histogram, it’s time to sell.
    When the red histogram changes to turquoise, it means that it is a good time to enter to buy and exit from existing positions to sell.
    When the Aqua histogram turns red, it means that it is a good time to enter the sell and exit the existing buy positions.
    If the Aqua histograms are longer, it means that we are in the middle of a bullish trend.
    When the red histogram is longer, it means that we are in the middle of a bearish trend.

Explanations of the input parameters:

    FXPip Pro MT5 Oscillator Period: This parameter is the basis for all calculations, the higher the periods, the higher the trend prediction, by default I used 14, the standard value of the moving average in Meta Trader.

How does this indicator calculate histograms?

    The indicator uses price movements, checking the maximum and minimum prices for the last period (14)
    Then determine the current level of reversal
    Then plus the highest and lowest for the reversal and multiplied by the current closing price by a fixed coefficient
    This fixing factor is one of the Fibo levels.
    Finally, a comparison of the calculation results for the first highest and the lowest can determine the direction and color of the histograms.

What is the next price of this indicator?
The price plan of this indicator is started with a discount, the final price of all my indicators will be $ 99, the current price of this product is $39.

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