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The latest expert advisor GagarinEA MT5, which uses a grid of pending orders. It is optimized for working with the EURUSD pair, and after selecting the input parameters, it can also be used on other pairs.

  • _point — Distance in points between pending orders;
  • _ords — Number of pending orders;
  • _Lag — The distance in points between the median of the current prices collected in the array and the market price;
  • TP-Take Profit value in points;
  • SL — Stop Loss value in points;
  • TStop-Level for closing positions;
  • MAGICMA-Magic number of the Expert Advisor;
  • UseRisk-Switch modes for the volume of lots of the position and pending orders (true-we trade a percentage of the deposit, false-we trade the minimum lot);
  • DecreaseFactor-Reducing the load on the deposit after losing trades;
  • RiskPercent — Percentage of available funds for opening new positions;
  • s_minLot — The minimum lot for this DC for the instrument;
  • s_maxLot — Maximum lot;
  • s_stepLot — Lot step;
  • _size — The value of the size of the array that stores the prices of previous ticks (for calculating the median of prices);
  • TimeM — Trading start time for the Expert Advisor;
  • TimeE — The trading end time for this Expert Advisor.
  • monday-Switch for trading on Monday (true-we trade on Monday, false-we do not trade).
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