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Gaudy EA is a scalper based on ticks.

Gaudy is an Expert Advisor based entirely on tick data for very aggressive scalping of short-term trends. If the Gaudy algorithm finds a potentially profitable trend, positions are opened and closed within a few seconds.

  • Optimized for the EURUSD pair.
  • It also trades on USDJPY, EURJPY and other forex pairs.
  • The average profit margin exceeds 2.0 on all the simulated data.
  • The maximum drawdown is less than 5% on all the simulated data.
  • More than 12,000 trades per year for each currency pair.
  • Six input parameters (Risk, Volume, SL, Spread, Slippage, Threshold).
  • It does not depend on timeseries (M15, H1 and H4 are suitable).

An extremely high number of trades lasting a few seconds ensures constant growth with minimal risks. Each trade is limited by the risk set by the user, as well as by the volume parameters. On average, the number of profitable trades slightly exceeds the number of unprofitable ones.

  • The Expert Advisor must be tested in the “All Ticks” mode.
  • The scalping strategy is most effective when trading liquid pairs (for example, EURUSD), as well as pairs with a low spread.
  • The default values of the input parameters are conservative, but can be optimized.

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With high-frequency scalping on a live account, the result can be affected by such factors as changing spreads, slippage, tick density, ping, network delays, your broker’s response time, and many others.


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