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Gekko Parabolic SAR Plus


Type: Trending

The Gekko Parabolic SAR indicator is a modified version of the famous Parabolic SAR indicator. The indicator combines a standard SAR indicator with various ways to alert you to a potential entry or exit point.

  • Step: the step of the Acceleration Factor (AF), by default 0.02. Each time the extreme point forms a new minimum or maximum, the coefficient increases by 0.02. AF can reach a value that does not exceed the value of the parameter below, regardless of the duration of the trend.
  • Maximum: Extreme Point (EP): The highest high or lowest low of the current trend. The default value is 0.2.
  • Plays a sound when there is a swing: when set to true, the indicator plays a sound signal in the MetaTrader terminal every time the trend changes, indicating the entry or exit points.
  • Write Logs On Terminal Window – if set to true, the indicator will add swing signal entries to the Expert Advisor log;
  • Send Mobile Push Notifications – if set to true, push notifications about alarms will be sent to your smartphone;
  • Send E-Mail Alerts – if the value is true, you will receive notifications by e-mail, for this you need to configure the terminal.

Good trading!

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