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The Giordano Bruno indicator was created to neutralize temporary pauses and rollbacks. It analyzes the price behavior and, if there is a temporary weakness of the trend, you can notice it from the indicator readings, as in the case of a pronounced change in the trend direction. It is not difficult to enter the market, but it is much more difficult to stay in it. With the Giordano Bruno indicator and its unique trend line, it will become much easier to stay in the trend!
Every rise and every fall is reflected in your emotional state: hope is replaced by fear, and when it passes, hope appears again. The market uses your fear to prevent you from taking advantage of a strong position. At such moments, you are most vulnerable. Currency pairs never rise or fall in a straight line. Their ups and downs are interspersed with rollbacks and reversals. When used simultaneously on several timeframes, this indicator will truly “make the trend your friend”. With it, you will be able to follow trends on several timeframes in real time. This indicator works on all timeframes.
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