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Gmaster Network pending orders NPO


The Professional Advisor works on the Stochastic indicator with the desired parameters. When these ranges are crossed, he opens a deal. By default, that is Ok = 11, D = 3, Sl = 3. When crossing the overbought or oversold ranges set by the dealer, he opens a deal. Closes a deal on Take revenue, which is invisible to the dealer. If the path is chosen incorrectly, the Professional Advisor compensates with an averaging community. If there isn’t a sign to open a deal based on the parameters of the Stochastic indicator, a sign seems to ascertain a community of pending BuyStop or SellStop orders at a distance of Step2 from one another, within the variety of Numb2 within the path and length of hours. Orders have corresponding magic numbers assigned by the Professional Advisor and are processed by the Professional Advisor after they’re triggered or earlier than TakeProfit is triggered or utilizing the averaging community, but in addition within the black.

  • MAGICB – the magic variety of the Lengthy path;
  • MAGICS – the magic variety of the Quick path;
  • “__Working hours__GMT__”;
  • Hours_to_GMT_Offset – offset (in dealer time hours) of the terminal to GMT;
  • Hours – allow/disable work on a time interval or across the clock;
  • Begin_hour – the beginning hour of the adviser by GMT;
  • End_hour – the hour when the potential for robotically inserting preliminary trades by the Professional Advisor stops. On the identical time, the adviser continues to service already began transactions.
  • __Start__“;
  • Web – allow/disable averaging community;
  • Information – allow/disable details about the attainable presence of a pattern;
  • GameOn – permission to work programmatically or resubmit the adviser;
  • Offers – the variety of preliminary offers without delay;
  • NumbLot – the variety of digits of the lot after the decimal level (for those who work with CFD);
  • MaximumRisk – proportion of danger;
  • DecreaseFactor – lot discount coefficient for a sequence of unsuccessful trades;
  • KST– parameter of the Stochastic indicator;
  • DST– parameter of the Stochastic indicator;
  • SlSt – parameter of the Stochastic indicator;
  • StLevelDn – oversold stage;
  • StLevelUp – overbought stage;
  • TP – TakeProfit;
  • SLPLUS – StopLoss;
  • ProfStop – digital TP within the deposit forex;
  • CoefLot – the coefficient of accelerating the lot of the averaging community;
  • MinPauseNetUp – minutes between UP trades;
  • MinPauseNetDn – minutes I am ready for transactions DN;
  • StopDeals – variety of knees for Trailing Cease;
  • Step – step of the averaging community, 2 – aggressive and quick occasions within the averaging community, 250 – non-aggressive and long-lasting within the grid;
  • Step2 – the step of pending orders;
  • PHours – length of pending orders in hours;
  • Numb2 – variety of pending orders;
  • OnOffUnLine – allow/disable uneven grid pitch;
  • ULcoef – the coefficient of unevenness of the step;
  • Slippage – slippage;
  • Invers – inversion of instructions, if true, then the alternative;
  • “__Directions On/Off.__”;
  • SELL – work allow within the path of Quick;
  • BUY – work allow within the path of Lengthy;
  • __Trailingator__” – trailingator parameters;
  • TrailingStop = 3;
  • TrailingStep = 6;
  • DelObj – eradicating or not eradicating objects from the display after the ADVISER is deinitialized.

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Default parameters for GBPJPY M30.


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