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An advanced robot for trading only on the XAUUSD currency pair
To determine the entry and exit points, the Expert Advisor uses complex graphical analysis, and many built-in filters. 
Golden cyborg is fully ready to work. No complicated settings are being tried. 
All settings have already been written into the Expert Advisor code. The only thing you need is to download and install a set file with the correct GMT of your broker.
The first 10 copies will be sold for $500
Live signal

Trading account type: ECN/RAW (standard floating spread accounts are not suitable). The smaller the spread on your account, the greater the profit and the better the signal.
Currency pair: XAUUSD
Timeframe: M15
Minimum deposit: $100

Trading time: The signal search lasts 3 hours a day. If there is a good signal at this time, the robot will open a deal. After the expiration of the signal time or the closing of the transaction,
the robot will continue the search the next day, at the same time. The time of searching for entry points is displayed on the robot panel (START/ END).
Number of transactions in one month: You will receive from 10 to 40 transactions per month, depending on the market situation.

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Protection of opening deals during the release of important news: Is present
Golden cyborg uses position averaging


SET NAME – the name of the set file used
LOTS – the volume of the traded lot (if we use the “auto risk” function, then this field should have the value 0.
AUTO RISK – calculated as a percentage per transaction. I recommend using from 1% to 2%. For example: set this field to 1.
This will mean that the robot will use 1% of the deposit amount for the first transaction when calculating the lot. If we don’t want to use the “auto risk” function,
then you need to put the value 0 in this field.
MAGIC NUMBER – magic number of orders
SLIPPAGE – permissible slippage when opening a deal
MAXIMUM SPREAD TO OPEN – the maximum allowable spread for opening a trade. If the spread exceeds the allowed value, the signal is ignored / nothing needs to be changed
MAXIMUM SPREAD TO CLOSE – the maximum allowable spread to close the profit / no need to change anything
GO SHIFT – the setting is responsible for the signal search time
SHOW PROFIT ON CHART – automatically calculating profits (visually displayed on the chart, and shows in the form of blocks the net, earned profit).
USE NEWS FILTER – to use or not to use a news filter (I recommend using it!)
PAUSE BEFORE NEWS MINUTES – prohibition of opening new deals (UP TO/ MINUTES) of the release of important news
PAUSE AFTER NEWS MINUTES – prohibition of opening new deals (AFTER / MINUTES) of the release of important news
ENABLE LOW NEWS – display weak news
ENABLE MEDIUM NEWS – display average news
ENABLE HIGH NEWS – display strong news
YOR BROKER TIME GMT (FOR NEWS) – to display the news correctly in this field, you need to set the GMT shift of your broker
SYMBOLS FOR NEWS – by which symbols to display current news
ALLOW WEB REQUEST FOR LISTED URL – to use the news filter, you need to add the URL to the allowed ones (for more information, see the installation video below)
COMMENTARY ON ORDERS – comment for open/closed orders

No changes to the settings are required. All recommended settings have already been selected. Just download and install the set file with the correct GMT of your broker.
All you need to change is the lot volume or auto risk for your deposit.

Use the recommended set files for different GMT
Download set files for GMT 0 | GMT 1 | GMT 2 | GMT 3
Note: if you do not know the GMT of your broker and which set files you need to use, then contact me and I will tell you.

Video instructions for installing the robot and activating the news filter, how to do it: see


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