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The SM_GOLEM EA Expert Advisor is designed to work on accounts with an initial deposit of 100 units or more. On cents, it is desirable to use at least 3000 units. The algorithm of the Expert Advisor works as follows: entering a trade at the beginning of the bar with a growing signal of the ROC oscillator, exiting the market at the end of the bar when the CCI (Commodity Channel Index) is below the level line. The Expert Advisor was optimized on an hourly timeframe, since it was supposed to be used on regular accounts with a spread above 20. If the spread is below 10 or is absent in principle, optimization is possible on smaller timeframes. The Expert Advisor works perfectly with any majors. Optimization is recommended to be carried out every two weeks with the setting of the period from the date of optimization – a month ago and the simulation to choose OHLC on M1. Testing should be carried out in the simulation mode “Every tick based on real ticks”. If we adhere to the modeling methods for optimization and testing, there are practically no differences between these data. Do not be lazy to optimize, the market is changing and by constant “training” you extend the life of the deposit. What kind of load to give on the deposit is up to you. Therefore, be very careful about the results of optimization and testing, because this is your strategy!

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Strategy Properties – Strategy Properties

Amount for a new position [ % ] – Formation of the entry lot of the position in % of the deposit

Maximum position amount [lot] – Maximum amount of open positions [lot]

Amount to add on addition [%] – The amount added when adding the next position

Amount to close on reduction [%] – The amount of closing when the position decreases

Stop Loss [point] – Stop Loss at the point

Take Profit [point] – Take Profit in points

Indicator parameters – Indicator parameters

First ROC period – The period of the ROC oscillator

Second ROC period – The time period of the ROC indicator

Smoothing period – Smoothing period

Level – Level

Multiplier – Multiplier

Expert Settings – Expert Settings

Stop trading at min account – If the account balance falls below this value, the Expert Advisor will close all positions and stop automatic trading. The value must be specified in the account currency. Example: Protection_Min_Account = 700 will close positions if the balance falls below 700 US dollars (euros, if your account is in euros).

Ensure maximum Stop Loss [point] – The Expert checks open positions on each tick and, if no SL or SL is found lower (higher for shorts) than the selected one, sets the SL to a certain value. The price is indicated in points. Example: Protection_Max_StopLoss = 200 means 200 points for a 4-digit broker and 20 points for a 5-digit broker.

Bar closing advance [sec] – How many seconds before the expected closing of the bar, the bar closing event will occur.

Write a log file-The Expert writes a log file when Write_Log_File = true.

Custom order comment – User comment. It can be used to set the expiration date of binary options.

Separate SL and TP orders-Must be set to true for STP brokers that cannot set SL and TP together with the position. When Separate SL TP = true, the Expert Advisor first opens a position, and then sets StopLoss and TakeProfit.

Max Log Lines in File – When the log file reaches the specified number of lines, the Expert starts a new log file.


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