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Grid and Lock – Forex Expert Advisors MT4


The starting price is $ 45. The price will increase.

EA Grid and Lock-grid Expert Advisor with partial locking and averaging of positions

If you set Magic ID=0in the settings, the Expert Advisor will be able to work with positions opened manually in the terminal on your smartphone

All trades can be protected by Stop Loss and Take Profit

There are settings for closing both a single trade and the entire basket when the profit is reached as a percentage or in the deposit currency

The timeframe can be any, but the recommended M5

Any currency pair, with default settings recommended EURCAD, AUDUSD, AUDCAD, AUDNZD. For other pairs, you need to choose your own value for the Grid Step parameter

The minimum deposit is $ 500, recommended from $1000

The Expert Advisor is not critical to communication interruptions and can be loaded (reloaded) on the chart at any time. If there are open positions, it will recognize them and pick them up for further support

Monitor and signal here: 

Monitor and signal here: 

Description of the Expert Advisor input settings:

Select Language-select the language of the interface and messages in the log
New Cycle-enables / disables starting a new cycle
Max Spread – the maximum allowed spread for opening positions
Start Hour – the hour when trading starts
End Hour– trading completion hour

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Use Funds – the funds used for calculating the autolot
Use Autolot – enable / disable automatic calculation of the volume of the first order
Autolot Size, money – The amount of funds to calculate the autolot
Fix Lot – fixed lot size. Participates in the calculations of the autolot
Lock the first position – lock the first position or not
Lock lot multiplier – multiplier for the first position locking order
Max Open Orders, one directions – the maximum number of orders in the basket for one direction
Multiplier Variant – a variant of the multiplier of the next order in the basket
Lot Multiplier – the multiplier of the next order when selecting Multiplier in the Multiplier Variant parameter
StopLoss, pips-stop loss for a single order
TakeProfit, pips-take profit for a separate order
Basket TakeProfit, pips-take profit for a basket of orders
Close All profit, % – the percentage of profit from the balance to close a single order or the entire basket
Close All profit, money-profit in the deposit currency for closing a single position or the entire basket
Close separately Buy Sell – allow / prohibit closing a single order by parameter values Close All profit, % or Close All profit, money
Grid Step – step between orders in the basket

Show Trading Statistics-enable / disable the display of trading statistics on the chart
Draw Profit on the Chart-whether or not to draw text labels on the chart with information about the profit and how the positions were closed
Magic ID – the magic number, the position ID.



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