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GRID for MT4 is a convenient tool for those who trade with a grid of orders, designed for fast and comfortable trading in the FOREX financial markets. GRID for MT4 has a customizable panel with all the necessary parameters. Suitable for both experienced traders and beginners. Works with any brokers, including American brokers with the requirement of FIFO-closing first of all previously opened transactions. The grid of orders can be either fixed-orders are opened with a fixed step, or have dynamic opening levels – opening at a more favorable price, works only with market orders. 

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The GRID for MT4 trading panel is equipped with the functions of opening, closing and tracking orders. Orders are closed by a basket, either unidirectional – only BUY or SELL, or multidirectional BUY and SELL together. Stop loss, take profit, breakeven, and trailing stop functions can be used to close positions. Stop loss and take profit can be set in % of the balance. It has the functions of the minimum time to hold positions and the minimum interval between opening new orders in seconds.

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  • MULTIDIRECTIONAL_MODE-simultaneous closing of multidirectional orders, if true-the basket of orders is closed, if false-buy and sell orders are closed separately;
  • MIN_HOLDING_SEC – minimum time to hold positions, in milliseconds;
  • SL_PERCENT – if true, the stop loss is set as a % of the balance;
  • STOPLOSS-stop loss;
  • TP_PERCENT – if true, the take profit is set as % of the balance;
  • TAKEPROFIT-take profit;
  • USE_BREAKEVEN – use breakeven of open positions;
  • BREAKEVEN_STOP-profit in pips, after which the stop loss will be set to the breakeven level BREAKEVEN_PROFIT pips;
  • BREAKEVEN_STEP – the number of points of profit when closing orders at the breakeven level;
  • USE_TRAILING – use a virtual trailing stop. If USE_BREAKEVEN = true, the trailing stop will start working only when the stop loss is set to breakeven BREAKEVEN_PROFIT pips;
  • TRAILING_STOP-the trailing stop step in pips that remains for the price move after the stop loss modification, set in points;
  • TRAILING_STEP – the size of the trailing stop in pips, by which the fixed profit will change, is set in points;
  • MIN_INTERVAL_SEC – minimum interval between opening new orders in seconds;
  • ORDER_OPEN_STOP– the step of opening a grid order between orders;
  • ORDER_OPEN_STEP-offset from the current price to open an order;
  • MAX_NUM_OPEN_ORDERS – maximum number of open orders;
  • STARTING_LOT – the starting lot for each N of the balance (the FROM_BALANCE parameter);
  • MAXIMUM_LOT – the maximum lot for each N of the balance (the FROM_BALANCE parameter);
  • FROM_BALANCE – N units of the base currency for calculating the lot;
  • STARTING_MULTIPLIER – lot multiplier in the order grid;
  • LOT_MULTIPLIER – which order to start increasing the lot from;;
  • MAGIC_NUMBER – the magic number of the transaction;
  • ORDERS_COMMENT – Expert Advisor comments in the order;
  • MAX_SPREAD – maximum spread when opening a trade;
  • COMMISSION_CONTROL – if the broker has a commission for the transaction, set the COMMISSION_CONTROL = true flag;
  • COMMISSION_PER_LOT – as a commission for 1 lot;
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