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Semi-automatic Grid Expert Advisor Grid. This expert Advisor can be used as an addition to your trading strategy, if you trade manually, or use it as a standard grid Expert Advisor. Previous experience of trading on the grid strategy has shown that fully automated grid experts can not bring a stable profit over a long distance, since they do not take into account the probability of a recoilless movement of several hundred points, which subsequently leads to the loss of the deposit.

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The advantage of the Grid Expert Advisor is that you decide when and how to trade it. You just need to enter the necessary trading parameters and give the command to the Expert Advisor to start working in the right direction. To understand how this Expert Advisor works and how it can be used profitably in your daily trading, you need to download the demo version and test it in your trading terminal.

Attention! The Expert Advisor does not start trading on its own, to start the Expert Advisor’s work, you need to specify the direction of trading by clicking the corresponding button on the chart. To do this, in the strategy tester, select the trading interval (the start and end date of the testing period), the “Every tick” mode, and check the “Visual mode” box. After you start testing, you will see an informative panel and two buttons to start working with the Expert Advisor. After completing the set goals, the Expert Advisor will return to the initial standby mode.

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This Expert Advisor can be used for both semi-automatic manual trading and full automatic trading. The use of the Expert Advisor on a full automatic machine is possible when installing an additional Expert Advisor that will give signals to buy or sell by opening deals. The Expert Advisors are installed on the same currency pair, but in different chart windows. In order for the Grid Expert Advisor to receive signals from a third-party Expert Advisor, you must register the same magic number in both experts, but add 000 to the end of the magic number in the signal expert. The magic number must contain no more than 6 digits. For example, if the magic number in the Grid Expert Advisor is 123456, then you need to register the magic number 123456000 in the signal Expert Advisor.

  • StopLoss – allow the use of a stop loss;
  • StopLossMethod-selection of closing orders by stop loss;
  • StopLossPoint – value of the selected closing method;
  • MaxOrders – The maximum number of orders to be opened.
  • Step – The initial step for orders.
  • StepExponent-Step size multiplier for the next orders.
  • LotExponent – Lot multiplier.
  • Tprofit – The desired profit in points.
  • Trailing – The number of points for trailing.
  • TrailingStep – The trailing step.
  • Breakeven-Withdrawal of positions to breakeven when n points of profit are reached.
  • BreakevenStep – The minimum profit in points for withdrawal to breakeven.
  • Lot – Initial lot: if 0, the lot is calculated independently.
  • Risk – The risk as a percentage of the deposit, if the initial lot = 0.
  • UseAutoDig – If the quotes are 3 or 5 decimal places, then false, otherwise true.
  • BuyCol – The color of the breakeven level line for the purchase.
  • SellCol – Color of the breakeven level line for sale.
  • Magic – The magic number.
  • Slippage – The maximum deviation of the price.
  • NumTry – The number of attempts to open an order.
  • Com-Comment on transactions.
  • ShowInfo – Show / hide information.
  • Gcol – The color of the text indicator.
  • Fcol – The color of the warning text indicator.
  • Size – The font size.
  • Font-The text style.
  • Cor – The anchor angle of the information block.
  • X – The distance along the X-axis to place the information block.
  • Y – The distance along the Y-axis to place the information block.


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