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The script with the mouse helps you quickly and with the least number of errors to build a network with a fixed or variable step, consisting of pending orders. Drag the script to the chart with the left mouse button and release the button. The network will start building from this point. If the current price is located below the starting point of the network, the network will continue to line up “north”, in the direction of purchases, and if higher – in the direction of sales, “south”. The script leaves the setting of take profit and stop loss at the discretion of the trader.

  • Grid from here – if this field is different from zero, then the network will start building from this value. If there is zero here (the default value), then the point where the left mouse button was released will be used as the beginning of the network.
  • Type – the type of orders of the network. There are three possible options:
    • STOP – a unidirectional network of orders ORDER_TYPE_BUY_STOP, or ORDER_TYPE_SELL_STOP
    • LIMIT – unidirectional network of orders ORDER_TYPE_BUY_LIMIT, or ORDER_TYPE_SELL_LIMIT
    • STOP
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