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Harmonic Master scanner


Harmonic Master Scanner is a dynamic tool that helps you recognize and draw harmonic patterns on a graph.

Harmonic Master Scanner is designed to work in MetaTrader 4.

Harmonic Master Scanner works on the basis of the original Zigzag indicator from the delivery of MetaTrader 4, as well as on the basis of standard elements of harmonic models.

The indicator can send you e-mail messages, as well as display pop-up alerts when a harmonic pattern is detected on a chart.

The entry point is the “D” point.

The scanner shows current models one by one, does not display historical models (you can use history testing to create your own strategy).

Due to its complete dependence on the Zigzag indicator, the scanner may redraw the “D” point (only the “D” point) or give false alerts if the model is canceled. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use additional strategies to open trades, for example: price movement, divergences, or your own.

The scanner presents potential reversal zones in the form of rectangles, and significant Fibonacci retracement levels from the XA line in the form of red lines.

There is also a function for displaying the Fibonacci time zones to check the time correction of the models. The recommended correction value is from 0.382% to 1.618%, the best equivalent is at 100%.

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The scanner finds 17 harmonic patterns (AB=CD-Gartley-Bat-Butterfly – Crab-Shark-Alternate Bat-Deep Crab – Cypher-Nen Star-Anti Gartley – Anti Bat – Anti Butterfly – Anti Crab – Anti Shark – Anti Cypher-Anti Nen Star).

  • “ZigzagDepth”, “ZigzagDeviation”, “ZigzagBackstep” – parameters of the Zigzag indicator.
  • “PercentAfter”, “PercentBefor” – to give more flexibility to the scanner, you can add a percentage range before and after individual elements, for example, for point” B ” in the Gartley model. The percentage is selected from the original Fibonacci retracement levels (for example: 0.5% from 0.618 before the element and 5% from 0.618 after the element).
  • The points ” C ” and ” B ” in the model AB=CD.
  • The “B” point in the Gartley, Butterfly, Alternate Bat, and Deep Crab models.
  • The “D” point in the Anti Gartley model.
  • “UseABCD”, “UseGartley”, etc. – pause or stop scanning of one or more models.
  • “BearishWave”, “BearishLabels”, “BearishPRZ”, “BullishWave”, “BullishLabels”, “BullishPRZ” – color settings.
  • “SendAlert”, “SendEmail” – notification settings.
  • “ShowFiboTimes”, “FiboTimesColor” – settings of the Fibonacci time zones.


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