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An Expert Advisor created for trading on Harmonic Patterns. In trading, it does not use any indicators and high-risk strategies like martingale or order grid. For each trade, a stop loss and take profit are set, and open positions are accompanied by a breakeven and trailing stop function. There is an additional function for checking the stop loss level. If for some reason an open order does not have a stop loss or take profit, the Expert Advisor will automatically set these levels with a new tick, depending on the input parameters.

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I specifically did not prescribe strict conditions for determining the Pattern in the Expert Advisor, and thus it can be flexibly configured for certain work on identifying Harmonic Patterns. When the ShowPatterns function is enabled, the Expert Advisor draws the found Harmonic Patterns on the chart. All settings for determining the selection criteria and pattern recognition are output to external ones and allow the trader to easily manipulate them.

  • The Hartley Butterfly
  • The Hartley butterfly. Non-standard ratios
  • Pesavento butterfly. (Perfect Butterfly Model)
  • Harmonic patterns as ” Matryoshka dolls”
  • Harmonic patterns. Bat
  • Harmonic patterns. Crab
  • Harmonic patterns. Deep Sea Crab

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  • TypeOrderExecution — type of order execution. Market Execution or Instant Execution;
  • AutoDigits-automatic recalculation of parameters for 3-5 sign quotes;
  • BalanceRisk-calculation of the trading lot from the balance/free margin;
  • Lots — fixed trading lot, if the BalanceRisk parameter = 0;
  • TakeProfit — take profit in points;
  • StopLoss-stop loss in points;
  • Magic – magic number for transactions;
  • MaxSpread – the maximum allowed spread for opening orders;
  • BuyColor — the color of the purchase order;
  • SellColor — color of the sell order;
  • maxAttempts – number of attempts to open an order in case of slippage;
  • DelaySeconds – pause in seconds between attempts;
  • Slippage – maximum price slippage;
  • ZigZag — the number of zigzag extremes for building Patterns;
  • Backstep — the smallest number of candles between the connected points (ZigZag);
  • Deviation — the minimum distance between the local extremes, expressed as a percentage % (ZigZag);
  • Depth — the smallest distance (expressed in candle bars) at which a new high or low will be drawn;
  • X1-error above the extremum in percent;
  • X2-error below the extremum in percent;
  • XB-Fibo level from point X to point B;
  • XD-Fibo level from point X to point D;
  • AC-Fibo level from point A to point C;
  • BD-Fibo level from point B to point D;
  • ShowPatterns — show / hide Harmonic Patterns;
  • * BorderClr — the outline color of the Pattern;
  • * BodyClr — body color of the Pattern;
  • * FiboClr – the color of the Fibo level of the Pattern;
  • * TextClr – the color of the extremum point designation;
  • Breakeven — enable / disable the breakeven function;
  • StartBreakeven_1, 2 – the number of points passed by the price in the profitable direction to bring positions to breakeven;
  • StepBreakeven_1, 2 – the distance in points at which the breakeven level is set;
  • Trailing — enable / disable the trailing stop;
  • TrailingStart — the minimum number of points passed from the order opening price for trailing;
  • TrailingStop — the number of points to start the trailing stop;
  • TrailingStep-trailing stop step;
  • ShowInfo — show / hide trade information;
  • textColor — the color of the text of the output information.


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