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#3 Proven Forex Trading Methods That Work

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Harmonic Trading Pro EA is a fully automated expert Advisor that trades on harmonic patterns. It has an advanced algorithm for detecting the most reliable patterns. At the moment, this is probably the most functional Expert Advisor that works on harmonic patterns. It has a number of features that make it unique.

The EA trades on the EURUSD pair on any timeframe with a minimum balance of 1,000. Personally, I use it on H1.

Recommended Settings

  • $ 1,000-use 0.01 lots and a raise factor of 0.02. Breakeven = 1
  • $ 2,000-use 0.02 lots and a raise factor of 0.04. Breakeven = 2
  • $ 5,000-use 0.05 lots and a raise factor of 0.10. Breakeven = 5
  • $ 10,000-use 0.1 lots and an increase factor of 0.20. Breakeven = 10

    • Detects Bat, Alt patterns with high accuracy. bat, Gartley, Crab, Butterfly, Monogram, and Shark
    • Builds primary, derived, and additional Fibonacci projections.
    • The Expert Advisor evaluates the price behavior in the past and displays all past patterns
    • There is a multi-time frame panel
    • Breakouts are used as signals of potentially profitable entry points
    • All the coefficients of the patterns are displayed on the chart

      Trading Settings

      • Lots – lot size
      • AutoLot – false; auto-detection of the lot size
      • LotPercent – 20; lot (% of the balance)
      • FirstTradeTP – 0; take profit of the first trade (0-disabled)
      • TrailPips – 50; trailing in points
      • BreakevenVal – 1; breakeven ($)
      • IncreaseType – 0; increment mode
      • IncreaseCoeff – 0.02; increase factor
      • MaxOrders – 25; maximum number of orders
      • CloseTradesMaxOrd – false; close trades when the maximum number of orders is reached
      • MaxDrawdownPerc – 100; maximum drawdown ( % ), after which trades are closed
      • MaxProfitPerc – 50; close after profit (%)
      • RiskPips – 50; risk zone (in pips)
      • ProfitPips-110; profit (in pips)
      • ExternalMagic – 4214123; magic number of the third-party Expert Advisor (0 – trades made manually)
      • MagicNumber – 1337; magic number
      • moveX – 0; X coordinate
      • moveY – 0; Y coordinate
      • Amplitude – 12; harmonic pattern size
      • BreakOut-3; when the breakout should appear
      • maxHistory – 1,000; maximum history
      • OnlyPerferctPatterns – false; detect only perfect patterns
      • Triangle – true; detect Triangle
      • Bat – true; detect Bat
      • Gartley – true; detect Gartley
      • Crab – true; detect Crab
      • Butterfly – true; detect a Butterfly
      • Cypher – true; detect Monogram
      • Shark – true; detect Shark
      • Rations – true; detect Rations


        • We need a virtual server (VPS)
        • The default settings are for the balance of 1,000 when working on the Bollinger strategy on EURUSD M1 or M5.
        • Does not comply with NFA/FIFO. Do not trade with brokers from the United States.
        • Do not interfere with the work of the Expert Advisor. The only thing that can be done is to close the deal completely.

        Key Features of Algorithmic Trading Software

        04 March 2016


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