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Warrior harmonic is a complex harmonic indicator in which there can be detected up to 11 patterns, that are visible in the graphic. It is capable of live tracing the pattern so it’s possible to see how it keeps running and changing to find the pattern. Currently, it’s a very difficult task to find the patterns manually so this indicator does the work for you. The indicator is totally configurable to any user.
This indicator has been programmed by the most demanding professionals. 
-11 recognizable patterns.
-Pattern alert panel.
-Works with all temporalities: M1, M5, 15M, 30M, 1H, 4H, D1, W1, MN.
-Locking and unlocking functions for the patterns that you want to remove.
-Configurable function of variables of each pattern.
-Configurable function for colour changing.
-“Take profit” and “Stop loss”, totally configurable for each pattern.
-Entry point configuration.
Recognizable patterns:

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Configurations by the user: 
The indicator default configuration will work most of the time, but it can be modified and the variables can be configured to suit your own taste. 
-Ad2xa Ratio: This parameter is used for determining the entry. Once the pattern is drawn, it can be configured to suit your strategy. 
-Tp2cd ratio: Default value is 1. It can be configured to suit your strategy. 
-Sl2cd Ratio: Default value is 1. It can be configured to suit your strategy. 
It is important to remember that the entry point is D, but it is always recommended to wait for another possible signal such as a candlestick pattern that confirms that the pattern is viable, or joining it to another indicator like RSi, Stochastic, etc. 


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