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Heiken Ashi Pro is a more advanced version than the default Heiken Ashi version of Metatrader 4.


  • Automatic change width when zooming
  • ON / OFF button to display candles or not
  • Options for changing colors

The Heikin-Ashi technique is used by technical traders to identify a given trend more easily. Because the Heikin-Ashi technique smooths
price information over two periods, it makes trends, price patterns, and reversal points easier to spot. Candles on a traditional
candlestick chart frequently change from up to down, which can make them difficult to interpret. Heikin-Ashi charts typically have
more consecutive colored candles, helping traders to identify past price movements easily.
The Heikin-Ashi technique reduces false trading signals in sideways and choppy markets to help traders avoid placing trades during these
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