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Helper for parameter selection MTF MT5


The script allows you to select the desired value of the Filter level of the AIS-MTF MT5 indicator.

Run the script on the desired chart and the selected timeframe. After it finishes working, an HPS.csv file will be created in the Files directory.

Open this file. You will see three columns.

  • The Filter lvl column is the value of the Filter level parameter of the AIS-MTF indicator.
  • Am. dev. – the degree and direction of deviation of the indicator from the price level (sorted from a lower value to a higher one). Negative values indicate that the indicator values are pressed against the price level from below. Positive values indicate that the indicator is more often above the price level. Values close to zero indicate that the indicator fluctuates around the price level.
  • Ch. width – the width of the indicator channel.
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