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High and Low of Day and Week


The indicator places the following levels on the chart: daily and weekly highs, daily and weekly lows. When the price crosses the levels, the indicator gives a sound signal and an alert (Alert and Push notification to the phone) indicating the direction and the instrument that the intersection occurred, and also draws arrows.

  • Day_Width – the width of the daily levels.
  • Days_Alerts-enable Alerts.
  • Days_Arrows-enables drawing arrows.
  • Day_High – the color of the daily maximum level.
  • Day_Low – the color of the daily minimum level.
  • Week_Width – the width of the weekly levels.
  • Week_Alertsenable Alerts.
  • Week_Arrowsenables drawing arrows.
  • Week_High – the color of the weekly maximum level.
  • Week_Low – the color of the weekly minimum level.

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