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HMA Trend Professional MT5


Improved variation of this free HMA tendency index (for MetaTrader 4), using new trading features

HMA Trend is a trend indicator based on the Hull Moving Average (HMA) using two periods. HMA using a slow interval determines the trend, HMA with a fast period-short-term moves and signs in the management of the trend

The HMA indicator changes color when you change the direction of its movement. This feature can be used to try to predict the change in the direction of the indicator, which means-to predict the trend reversal! The probability of a trend reversal is the probability of switching the direction of a slow HMA

The indicator examines the behavior of the indicator HMA throughout history, analyzes the number of switches and the length of each direction indicator assesses the probability of the indicator on the current bar, calculates mathematical expectation and standard deviation, and draw statistical charts of the ranks distribution for subsequent analysis by the trader

The mathematical expectation (in the context of using the indicator) is the number of bars of the HMA indicator in one direction, at which the average reversal of the HMA indicator occurred on history

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The standard deviation (in the context of use indicator) is a reversal indicator HMA most likely to occur in the range of bars from ME-before ME SD SD (where ME – expectation value, SD – standard deviation)

In practice, it has been observed that impulse movements most often unfold in the range of ME SD bars, and corrective movements unfold in the range of ME-SD bars

You can use all the statistics in your Expert Advisor through indicator buffers.
See the usage example on

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