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IceFX VelocityMeter Mini for MT5


The unique IceFX VelocityMeter Mini indicator for the MetaTrader 4 platform measures the speed of the forex market. This is not an ordinary indicator of volumes or other values. IceFX VelocityMeter Mini is able to understand the speed of market movements hidden in ticks, and this valuable information is not available in ordinary candles, so it can not be obtained by a simple indicator.

This indicator monitors the arrival of ticks (frequency and amount of change) within the specified time range, analyzes this data, determines, records and displays a control value that is characteristic of the actual speed of the market movement. The value of the market speed changes with each tick. This professional tool responds quickly to any changes.

This IceFX VelocityMeter Mini indicator is a “minimized” version of the original IceFX VelocityMeterindicator . It also draws the last 50 spread values on a mini tick chart. It shows the current speed, current speed direction, average speed, and maximum speed.

  • SpeedMediumLevel – average speed level
  • SpeedHighLevel – high speed level
  • Correction – correction of calculations (recommended value-20)
  • Corner – the corner of the graph for placing the panel
  • CornerOffsetX – the horizontal offset from the corner
  • CornerOffsetY – vertical offset from the corner

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The indicator sets the values of the current speed, the current direction of speed, and the average speed to global variables, so that these values can be used in your Expert Advisors.

  • SPEED___CURR – the current speed value (for example: SPEED_EURUSD_15_CURR)
  • SPEED___DIR – the current value of the speed direction (for example: SPEED_EURUSD_15_DIR)
  • SPEED___AVG – average speed value (for example: SPEED_EURUSD_15_AVG)


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