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ID Rounding or deleting 3 for MT5


This is a utility for rounding the values of the anchor points of objects to a decimal point equal to or less than the number of decimal places of the symbol of the graph where it is set. It is also designed to quickly delete objects of a certain type.

Works with horizontal lines and / or trend lines, and / or Fibonacci levels.

In addition, it shows the actual number of such objects on the graph.

It only works with objects in the main chart window.

In the control panel of the utility, there is a minimize button, which allows you to keep the ID Rounding or deleting 3 for MT5 on the chart in a minimized, space-consuming form, including, like a script, for some one-time applications.

At the same time, if you left all or any individual buttons for rounding object values enabled, and then minimized the control panel, the program will automatically round the values of the anchor points of newly created objects on the main graph of the type that you set for rounding.

The control panel also provides a button for completely removing this utility from the chart.

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