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IMMORTAL X is a Revolutionary Pending Order- Based BOLLINGER BAND Smart Grid Algorithm Expert Advisor, specializing on the AUDJPY. Bet you don’t have anything on AUDJPY. Great for currency diversity in your portfolio. HIGH PROFIT POWER. 

Been running it personally on my private accounts since last year April. Its able to pass COVID kind of moves and ROI x 5 in year 2020.

BACKTEST SETTINGS (make sure u have 90-99% tick quality from history center, and use Every Tick Model) If 99% TDS, set gmt=2 dst uk, spread 10-15

Test from 2017-2020 on AUDJPY.  Load set files (DO NOT USE DEFAULTS!)  with a $3000 account, on H1. (I do not optimize for longer periods as the focus was to adapt to recent market behavior FOR MAX PROFIT.)

Working timeframe is H1

Minimum account balance: $3000, $30 if CENT acc.

Works on AUDJPY with set files.


  • 1:1000 Good ECN broker with low commission and spread
    1:2000 High leverage broker
  • 1:500 leverage, Good ECN broker with low commission and spread 
  • VPS is strongly recommended

VPS is strongly recommended

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  • Backtested with Tick Data Suite real 99% tickdata, variable spreads and slippage.

  • Good

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