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The 2indtompson indicator is an indicator for comparing two instruments for determining volumes, for balancing in pair trading or in arbitrage trading, prepared from an analog version for the MT4 terminal. Thus, if you need to compare how much two instruments will weigh and you do not know how to do it, then put an indicator on the chart and it will automatically calculate the volumes necessary for balancing. Additionally, the indicator shows the state of the instruments relative to each other – Divergence/Convergence.

It is recommended to use it on the M5/M15/H1 timeframes

Contacts for communication [email protected], according to your technical task, we will write, produce, rework, correct the expert Advisor / indicator/script.


  • Symbol1Name_in – Name of the tool 1
  • Symbol1Reverse – Whether tool 1 is reversed (with inverse correlation) in relation to the other tools
  • Symbol2Name_in – Name of the tool 2
  • Symbol2Reverse – Whether tool 2 is reversed (with inverse correlation) in relation to the other tools
  • UseVolativity – rendering based on volatility
  • Triangle-Draw a triangle?
  • TriangleColor – The color of the triangle
  • AlertChannelMore – If the channel width is greater than the specified one, the signal is activated (if -1, the control is disabled)
  • AlertChannelLess – If the channel width is less than the specified one, the signal is activated (if -1-control is disabled)
  • VOLMode-Volume calculation mode for trading
  •                      1-at opening prices
  •                      2 – by volatility, and if not possible – by opening prices
  •                      3-by volatility (if possible) and opening prices
  • VOLPeriodATR – ATR averaging period
  • MASlow-Slow MA period
  • MAFast-Fast MA period
  • MAMethod-Approximation method
  •                         MODE_SMA = 0 Simple Moving Average
  •                         MODE_EMA=1 Exponential Moving Average
  •                         MODE_SMMA=2 Smoothed moving average
  •                         MODE_LWMA=3 Linear-weighted moving average
  • MAPrice-Estimated price:
  •                   PRICE_CLOSE=0 Closing Price
  •                   PRICE_OPEN=1 Opening Price
  •                   PRICE_HIGH=2 Maximum price
  •                   PRICE_LOW=3 Minimum price
  •                   PRICE_MEDIAN=4 Average price, (high low)/2
  •                   PRICE_TYPICAL=5 Typical price, (high low close)/3
  •                   PRICE_WEIGHTED=6 Weighted closing price, (high low close close)/4

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