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How to tell if your broker account has been hacked

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Forex Derivative 2.0: the good old sliver

May 16, 2022

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Inductor is a fully automated Expert Advisor designed for trading Forex instruments.
The Expert Advisor’s trading algorithm takes into account the current state of the market, slippage, spread expansion and changes in the volatility of the selected instruments.
It can be used on a VPS and on a personal computer. To achieve maximum performance, it is recommended to use brokers with ECN accounts.
Inductor is able to work with any starting capital. It is possible to change trading tactics in a wide range by changing the settings of the Expert parameters.

Features of the expert’s work:

  • The Expert Advisor uses a scalping strategy.
  • For ease of management, complex multi-level operations integrated into the Expert Advisor are combined, optimized and displayed in the form of generalized parameters.
  • The timeframe for the work does not matter.¬†
  • The EA automatically calculates the lot size according to the risk level and deposit size selected by the user.¬†
  • It is not demanding on computing resources and can be set to any number of characters at the same time.
  • He is able to work together with other experts, controlling only his own positions.
  • To work on the same instrument with different settings (on separate charts), you need to set individual TradeMagic values on each.
  • Each position is protected by a stop loss.¬†
  • Easily optimized to work with any tools.
  • Changes in the parameters of the Expert Advisor can change the tactics of trading, depending on the preferences of the trader in a wide range.
  • The Expert does not require the user to have special knowledge on optimization. When used on various currency pairs, it is enough to choose the optimal parameter values¬† Signal, StopOrders, TrailingStart, TrailingStop, StopLoss.

Expert Parameters:

FixVolume ‚Äď Fixed trading volume of the Expert, with the automatic calculation of the volume of opened orders disabled(Risk=0).
Risk ‚Äď The percentage of automatic calculation of the volume of orders opened by the expert from the available funds on the account.
RiskFactor ‚Äď The coefficient of increase for the volume of trading operations, relative to the number of open positions.
Signal ‚Äď A signal for the expert to open orders.
startTime ‚Äď The start time of trading, in the format (hh:mm).
EndTime ‚Äď The end time of the trade, in the format (hh:mm).
StopOrders ‚Äď The distance of opening and trailing pending orders.
TrailingStart ‚Äď The beginning of the trailing.
TrailingStop ‚Äď The trailing distance.
TakeProfit ‚ÄstThe level of expected profit.
StopLoss ‚Äď The level of loss limitation.
MaxSpread ‚Äď The maximum allowable spread.
AdaptationFactor is a regulator of the intensity of the Expert’s adaptation to spread spreading and slippage.
TradeMagic ‚Äď The identification number of the adviser.
TradeComments ‚Äď Expert Advisor‚Äôs comment.
InfoTable ‚Äď Use the Expert‚Äôs dashboard.

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29 August 2021


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