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The Info body and shadow candles indicator colors the body and shadow of the candle according to the settings. For example, if the parameter Size body candles = 10, the indicator will search for candles with a body size of 10 or more points. According to the same scheme, the candle shadows are counted. You can also color the found candles (body color, shadow color). The indicator can be adjusted for both four-and five-digit quotes.

Version for Meta Trader 4: 

  • Use candle search from Maximum to Minimum –  Use the candle search from high to low
  • Size Maximum to Minimum Candle in Points – The size from the maximum to the minimum candle in points
  • Enable coloring shadow candles – enable coloring of the candle shadow.
  • Size shadow candles – the size of the candle shadow.
  • Enable coloring body candles-enable coloring of the body of the candle.
  • Size body candles – the size of the candle body.
  • Color shadow candles – the color of the candle shadow.
  • Color body candles – the color of the candle body.
  • Setting points for 4-x or 5-x quotes-True = auto-tuning for four-and five-digit quotes/False = manual setting.

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