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that this Expert Advisor for trading on BTC / USD, this M15 or M5 interval, is based on the “overstaying”plan. The points of entrance into the market (and exit) are decided based on the significance of a number of indicators built into the Expert Advisor, taking into account market news. The trading volume for opening a position depends on the results of previous trades. it is likely to limit the quantity of risk (the AutoMM parameter). Plus additional parameters in the upgraded versions of the Expert Advisor.

Link to the online results of the Expert Advisor – https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/870853 .

  • StopAfterNews – the time of the trading pause after the market news in minutes;
  • StopBeforeNews – the time of the trading pause before the market news in minutes;
  • LightNewsEnabke-enabling pause for insignificant news;
  • MediumNewsEnable-enable pause for medium-important news;
  • HardNewsEnable-enable pause for high-importance news;
  • GMT_Offset – your broker’s time zone;
  • NewsCurrency – a comma-separated list of currencies for getting news on these currencies;
  • NewsLines-enables the display of news time on the chart in the form of lines;
  • FixedLot – fixed lot size;
  • AutoMM-risk limit (percentage));
  • HEDGING – inclusion of a mode of hedging;
  • MagicNumber – any unique number that identifies this Expert Advisor.
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