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Intelligent Copier Slave


This means now you can trade on multiple MetaTrader 4 accounts simultaneously, mirror the trades of any trading bot to your friends and family
accounts (even if it is locked to your MT4 account number), create investment portfolios of many MT4 accounts, remove risk of unregulated
Forex brokers, turn losing trading strategy into a winner and become an independent account manager immediately without the need to sign
any contracts or opening expensive PAMM accounts with the broker.

Reverse Trading – Using the “Reverse Trading” technology, this forex copier program can turn a losing trading strategy into a
winning one. The trick here is to mirror positions from a losing master account into a client account and change trade direction.

Filtering Losses Trades – Master Account will wait for “x” number of losses first then copy trades to client. For Example if you want to
wait for 2 consecutive losses in master then start copying, you can use this Feature.

Filter Win Trades In Master – You have a Robot which losses more trades and win few trade, so in reverse copying mode you can filter
the win trade and copy maximum loss trade in reverse mode. For example master will wait for 2 consecutive winning trades and then start
copying to slave. It will maximize the chances of winning in reverse trading mode if you use a loss making robot.

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Martingale – You can apply Martingale in Client, so if a copied trade in client losses, it may increase the lot size of next copied
trade. This feature is useful for martingale loving traders.

Copy to Order – To avoid the slippage, you can use this feature, so in this case all copied trade will be open as pending order in
client. However this feature cant be used in fast moving market.

Filter Lot Size – This will help to filter the lot sizes, for example you want to copy only lot sizes more 0.5 and higher then it will
drop all other smaller lot sizes to be copied. This is useful when master is running multiple trades and you want to copy certain trades only.

Filter Currency Pairs – You can filter the currency pairs, and only allowed pairs will be copied.

New Trades Filter – The copier will copy only new trades of Master, it will not copy existing trades of master.



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