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Intraday Scalper is an automated trading platform that reveals the opening and final factors of transactions on the chart from the form of arrows and squares. We developed this mechanical system specifically for all those traders who don’t have their own trading system. Intraday Scalper uses an allowable marketplace evaluation algorithm to determine the most effective points for opening and final positions, and then graphically informs the trader. The profit/loss information is also displayed in the upper-right corner. This index can be utilized as an independent trading system. There are three parameters in the indicator settings that affect its performance. Below we will tell you how to configure these parameters and select the most effective ones for the traded currency pair and timeframe.

This indicator analyzes the market using several signals, determines in which direction the trend is currently moving, and selects the optimal point of efficiency for opening a position. When the market trend changes, the indicator gives a signal about closing the deal.

  • It works on all currency pairs.
  • Works on all timeframes.
  • It can be used as an independent trading system.

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  • period – the period of the indicator. The default value is 4;
  • step_price – the price change step. The default value is 7;
  • bars-this parameter specifies how many bars the indicator will be displayed on. By default, it costs 500;
  • spread-accounting for the spread in the calculation of profit.
  • inform – enables / disables the display of additional information on the screen.
  • Color – the color of the monitor’s output of additional information.
  • email – sending an email.
  • push – sending a push.
  • alert-pop up window when a signal appears.
  • sound – an audible alert when a signal appears.
  • music-the ringtone for the sound notification.


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