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Automatic round-the-clock trading system based on the algorithm of collective behavior of adaptation automata (a kind of artificial intelligence self-learning algorithms). It does not require manual intervention. It does not use any indicators or well-known trading methods.

The principle of the Expert Advisor is to remember and analyze each step. A step is the movement of the price by a certain number (BaseStep) of points up or down. The depth of memory (how many steps to remember and analyze) is determined by the Deep variable. When the step storage stack is full, when a new step arrives, the oldest step is forgotten. Thus, new (more up-to-date) information is constantly replacing outdated information. Constantly updating information about the price behavior allows you to make forecasts more tied to the current market situation.

After memorizing a sufficient number of steps, the Expert Advisor makes a forecast for the current movement. If in the forecast the probability of an upward movement is twice as high as the probability of a downward movement, a signal is issued to open a BUY order. If the probability of moving down is twice as high as up, it is a signal to open a SELL order.

After receiving a signal to open an order, the Expert Advisor checks whether there are no orders of the opened type nearby (from above or from below closer than BaseStep). If the conditions are met, the bid of the opened order is calculated and the order is opened. If the order being opened is the first of its type – its size is defined as LotDefault. If it is the second or more, the bet amount is determined by the position of the opened order relative to the already opened orders of this type.

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Orders are closed either by trawling or by reaching the minimum profit in the iteration.

  • Program Language-select the language in which the Expert Advisor will output messages (it can be Russian or English).
  • Delay – the delay time (in milliseconds) after any operation with orders.
  • Slippage – slippage.
  • Magic – a unique identifier for all orders processed by the Expert Advisor. If Magic=0, the EA will process all orders that it finds on the current instrument.
  • First Lot size – the size of the first bid. This value will initially be considered the default bid (LotDefault).
  • Lot type – the type of the first bid. It can be automatic (auto) or constant (const).
  • Base Step – the step size in points.
  • Deep of memory – the depth of the Expert Advisor’s memory. This parameter determines how many steps the Expert Advisor will remember and analyze.

It is recommended to run the Expert Advisor simultaneously on several instruments, with parameters that provide infrequent, but accurate forecasts for each instrument (at least 80% of profitable trades), which will ensure a minimum drawdown. Simultaneous operation on several instruments will ensure a sufficient rate of return on the involved deposit.

A real-time demo of the EA’s operation on 13 instruments simultaneously (free demo signal) is available here.

The set initial price of the Expert Advisor is $ 497.00 and is valid only for the first 10 buyers. Then the price will rise.

Links to detailed user instructions in Russian and English can be downloaded in the product discussion section.

Video clips of the shooting of the adviser’s work (on the tester and in real time) will be published later.


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